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You can talk to our online representative at any time. Please use our Live Chat System on our website or
Fill up below instant messaging programs

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Address : Orissa, City Balangir Kalli Mandir Road New Samsung Care  Floor 2nd

Mob : 7091489598

What,s app no : 7091489598

Get In Touch With us

Get In Touch With us

Q : What is Online Jobs? 
A : We can do the work from home with the help of Computer and Internet Connection.

Q : Is this Company Registered?
A : Yes, You can Check the Details in Home Page.

Q : What is the Requirement for Online Job?
A : Computer & Internet connection.

Q : Should i need more Computer Knowledge?
A : No, Basic Browsing Knowledge is enough.

Q : Role of fnsolution job?
A : VJOB helps you to show the right way to earn from internet

Q : Who can Work ? 
A : Everyone, there is no age limit.

Q : Is there any Target (or) Time limit ?
A : No, You can work at anytime (DAY & NIGHT)

Q : How much time i need to spend every day?
A : it's depends on you, if you work more then you can earn more.

Q : Can i get support from you , if i have any doubt ? 
A: Yes, but we support our customers as per the selection of plan

Q : What is Miss Call support ? 
A : Just Give miss call from any number to 7091489598 , we will get back you as soon as possible.

Q : What is the Work ?
A : Please read the our plan details.

Q : What is DEMO WORK video?
A : 10 minutes video which gives Clear details regarding work.

Q : How can i Start the Work ?
A : Just click HOW TO JOIN link and study the joining procedure.

Q : Is there any Registration Fee ?
A : Yes very low registeration fee only for your dashboard maintance.

Q : What is Plan
A : as per your choice you can choose your plan, for more details please visit.

Q : Can i change the plan anytime ?
A : Yes, but you should pay the new plan amount fully.

Q : Should i need to pay anything extra except this plan fee?
A : No, We never collect any type of extra fee after joining.




Q : When can i Start my Work?
A : Once you join we will send you the WORK TRAINING VIDEO Password to your mail id within 15 minutes.

Q : What is Work Training Video ?
A : It contains step by step working procedure for all the 3 level of work as per shown in the DEMO WORK.

Q : Where should i get the log-in details?
A : You can get login details by mail

Q : How much i can earn per month?
A : It depends on your selection of job and your hard work deserve it.

Q : How can i get the Payment ?
A : Payment will be transfered For Paytm, Tez, Phonepe and by neft banking

Q : When should i get the payment ?
A : Daily &Weekly  Payment methods are available

Q : Will u give assurance for my payment ?
A : Yes, if any problem occurs in your payment, we will refund your fee

Q : Should i need a Personal Bank Account to do this work ?
A : Yes , Your Payment will be transferred only to your personal bank account.

Q : Is this Genuine ?
A : Yes, First We Test before we Share work details to you so payment is guaranteed.

Q : Vjob Provides any work directly ?
A : Yes, ad-post and sms sending Job

Q : what is the minimum payout for Ad-posting job ?
A : Rs.2000 weekly/- is the minimum payout.

Q : Can i start to earn from next day itself if i register now ?
A : No, this is not a place to become rich on single day, First you have to     learn before you earn..
If you want to earn from next day itself, please do concentrate on ad posting job which you get salary from us directly.

Q : I am below 18 , so can i join without Pan card ?
A : Yes , but provide any one of your family members or friends Pan card.

Q : Can i meet you in straight ?
A : Yes , Call 
+917091489598 and get appointment